1.15 million gps
TV 1150
Goblins can take a max of 3 bribes at 50k
Halflings can buy masterchef at 100k.
Star players allowed. You must have 11 players before adding star players.
Tie Breaker will be # wins, # draws, oppontents score, Net CAS, net TD. 

Tier 1 : 

dwarves, chaos dwarves, lizardmen, orcs, undead, skaven, norse, dark elves, wood elves, amazones

3 normal skills

Tier 2 : 

high elves, pro elves, human, necromantic

4 normal skills

Tier 3 : 

slann, chaos pact, underworld, khemri, chaos, nurgles, vampires

4 normall skills and 1 double

Tier 4 : 

goblins, halflings, ogres

4 normall skills and 2 double